Central Intelligence Review

Central Intelligence Review

Central Intelligence Review

A high school hero named Calvin (Kevin Hart) is leading a life he had least  imagined he would. Enter Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), who brings along with him, the CIA and a load of trouble for Calvin. Bob brings back high school memories to win over his trust. On the other hand Calvin is tugged at by CIA’s reports that suggest Bob is a traitor. What ensues is a fast paced unwrapping of a package filled with out of the blue buddy comedy applied over a well worn plot line and topped with a slightly distasteful ending.

The most has been extracted by the director from the Hart – Rock combo. Just looking at Hart, sometimes, brings out laughter. It seems like he doesn’t need any dialogues to conjure up an ROFL moment.

The team, it seems like, has been treading on a tightrope since day one. They’ve had to keep balance and try not to fall into an abyss with pits of predictability and absurdity on either side.
While they’ve managed to steer the movie well through the first half, they seem to have fallen down near the end into a pit that is a mix of both. But yes, the movie takes efforts to make you laugh, thanks to the skills of Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Overall the movie is a feel good one time watch,  with chance comedy. The Rock could have been used better and the ending could have been something else. But hey! Even few moments of laughter are precious right?

Verdict:  Rock comedy that could have been more improved .

Rating : 2.5/5


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